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  • Udder Balm

    Dr, Naylor Udder BalmAntiseptic, emollient ointment.  Maintains natural skin moisture, relieves soreness.  For minor cuts, bruises, chapping, skin irritation, wind and sunburn.  Keeps teats and udders soft and healthy.
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  • Teat Dilators

    Dr. Naylor Teat DialatorsSpecific therapy for sore, scab, injured, or hard to milk teats.  Like a super soft surgical dressing for the streak canal to keep the teat open, milking, and healing naturally.  Stays put!  Packaged in a special lubricating ointment. Buy Now
  • Red-Kote

    Red Kote AerosolFor fast, safe healing of lacerations, wire cuts, scratches, burns, chafes and other superficial wounds.  Non-drying, soothing, softening.  Stimulates new, healthy skin growth and discourages scar tissue formation. Buy Now

  • Hoof 'n Heel

    Hoof 'n HealPenetrates deep into the hoof to attack hoof rot, foot rot, fouls, and foot scald in sheep, goats, cattle, and dairy cows.  Quick response, rapid loss of lameness.  Non-toxic. No residues. Buy Now 
  • Blu-Kote

    Blue-KoteEffective treatment of surface wounds, abrasions, and ringworm.  Antiseptic, fast-drying Blu-Kote is highly effective against pus-producing bacteria and common fungus infections.  Penetrates to reduce pus formation and dry up secretions of pox-like lesions. Buy Now

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cattleDr. Naylor has been helping people who are concerned with the health of their animals with proven "Dependables" since 1926. Development of this exceptional line of topical medications was begun by a veteri­narian for use in his own practice and has set the standard for topical health care on thou­sands of farms dealing with dairy cows, beef cattle, horses, sheep, and goats. And pet owners depend on them for the good health of their animal friends.

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